A Day at Luna Luxe Nail Loft | A Cruelty Free and Non- Toxic Luxury Experience

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Beauties! I have to tell you everything about this amazing place!

Last year when I was pregnant I dreamed about going for a self care day to a nail salon and getting a beautiful mani and pedi... but I had stopped going to nail salons for many reasons:

  • First, I can't stand the chemical smell. I find it intoxicating and very very uncomfortable.

  • Second, nail salons usually use products from main beauty brands that are not only non vegan or cruelty free, but extremely toxic.

  • An third, my sweet Luna loves to get her nails done too! I can't go without her!

Luna loved her mini mani on our visit last year.

Scrolling through Facebook I discovered a place that was exactly what I needed, a fume free, non toxic, cruelty free nail loft just 10 minutes away from home. I thought it couldn't get better, until I saw the service menu: they even have mini manis and pedis for little ones!

The place is super nice and chic, they have plenty of products that are completely vegan and they are committed to offer a luxury and relaxing experience in a safe, heathy and professional environment.

Loving the complementary mimosas!

So on September last year Luna and I went there for the first time to get ready for her birthday weekend and we totally loved it.

We not only got a perfect manicure, but also an amazing experience thanks to their caring and sweet staff.

So patient, talented and extremely nice! All the nail techs including the owner Ashley "Luna" Palacios really make you feel like you are part of the Luna Luxe's family and they treat you with complementary tea, juice, water or even mimosas!

Nail art inspired in the Vegan in Heels aesthetic!

This past week I went again following the new procedures and extra precautions on safety measurements they implemented due COVID-19, but I enjoyed the same top quality service and care.

I can't recommend this place enough, because I know that any way it would exceed your expectations so if you live any where near the Tampa area, you must give it a try, I know you'll love it!

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